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Reading activity

Photo : Elias Touil

Good books to read

Here are some book suggestions based on the exhibition Nights and the authors who participated in the project.

Since we want to limit your travels, here are a few options to get these books:

Simon Boulerice

  • My Bright Friend

Dominique Demers

  • A Funny Sort of Minister
  • A New Football Coach
  • The Mysterious Librarian
  • The New Teacher

Eric Dupont

Heather O’Neill

Inspired by the night

  • A Velocity of Being: Letters to A Young Reader, Maria Popova and Claudia Bedrick
  • At Days Close: Night In Times Past, Roger Ekirch  
  • The End of Night, Paul Bogard
  • Many Lives Mark this place, John Hartman

Children books

  • My Bright Friend, Simon Boulerice
  • A Funny Sort of Minister, Dominique Demers
  • A New Football Coach, Dominique Demers
  • The Mysterious Librarian, Dominique Demers
  • The New Teacher, Dominique Demers
  • The Word Collector, Peter H. Reynolds
  • The Darkest Dark, Astronaut Chris Hadfield 
  • At The Stroke Of Goodnight, Clay Rice
  • The Origin of Day and Night, Paula Ikuutaq Rumbolt and Lenny Lishchenko
  • Moon Babies, Karen Jameson



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