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Online activity

Online Slow Art Day

An activity to discover our artifacts from a different perspective

Did you know that a visitor spends only 15 to 30 seconds looking at a work in a Museum? As part of the Slow Art Day global event, the Stewart Museum invites you to take the time to contemplate two objects presented in the exhibition Nights. An opportunity to discover them from a different perspective, but also to fuel your creativity and imagination!

📝 Before beginning – set up your space to be as free from distractions as possible. Keep a piece of paper and pencil handy.

🎥 Begin watching the video – take your time and observe the objects. Notice your first impressions of the object as you begin watching.

👁️ After watching, close your eyes for a moment and recall the object. Now, describe or draw the artifact from memory. What did you remember? Why did you remember what you remembered?

💡 Share your observations and a photo of your creation at communications.stewart@mccord-stewart.ca. Please specify your first name, last name, city of residence and age. We will post them on our website.

The telescope

Cassegrain Telescope, France, 1750. 1979.51.14 © Stewart Museum

The celestial map

Celestial map, Andreas Cellarius, Scenographia systematis Copernicani, 1660.  1985.34.2 © Stewart Museum

What is Slow Art Day?

Slow Art Day is a global event with a simple mission: help more people discover for themselves the joy of looking at and loving art. Why slow? When people look slowly at a piece of art they make discoveries. The most important discovery they make is that they can see and experience art without an expert (or expertise).

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