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Children's books reading

Weekdays, from March 2 to 6, 2020

Story Hour

Bring your whole family to listen to stories from children’s books written by well-known author Dominique Demers. Hosted by a Museum guide, Story Hour will feature a variety of tales, including Lustucru, le loup qui pue! You won’t be able to keep a straight face!

Weekdays, from March 2 to 6

Duration: 30 minutes
In English: 1 p.m.
In French: 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.
Location: The Story Factory

Activity animated by cultural mediators.
All ages, recommended for adults with children ages 3 to 8.
The Story Hour is a free activity for children aged 12 and under.


Lustucru looked just like a scary wolf … with something more. Lustucru was a stinking wolf! As soon as he opened his wide cavernous mouth, it exited a terrible smell, an abominable stench and perfectly unbearable.


A writer and lecturer with a PhD in children’s literature, Dominique Demers is well known for her award-winning children’s books. In 2009-2010 alone, she won four prestigious awards. She received the Prix jeunesse des univers parallèles, the Prix Québec/Wallonie-Bruxelles and the Prix des lecteurs 15-18 ans Radio-Canada/Centre FORA for Jacob Jobin Tome 1 – L’Élu.  She also won the Prix Raymond-Plante for her outstanding commitment to the world of children’s literature.

Her first novels for adults, the best-selling Le Pari and Marie-Tempête, won her thousands of readers. Some of her works have been adapted for film, and her Charlotte series sold nearly half a million copies in Quebec and France, not to mention the translations! An eighth title, Une infirmière du tonnerre, was added to the popular series in 2018.

Not to be missed!

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