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In praise of collectors

David M. Stewart, Collector

Founder of the Stewart Museum and humanist, David M. Stewart has acquired nearly 22 000 objects and unique documents from the 16th century to today. He dreamed of a museum on the St. Helen’s island in order to exhibit his collection and to interest Montrealers in their history.
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Isabelle R., Collector

Isabelle R., developed a passion for Sissi, Empress of Austria since the viewing of the film series when she was 4 years old. Since then, she has collected more than 400 objects in connection with its history.
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Alain, Collector

Alain has more than a hundred radios and recorders, designed between 1925 and 1965 in Canada and the United States. The majority of them are functional thanks to his ingenious way to restore them.
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Mélanie, Collector

Melanie has collected more than ancients toys and objects. Strongly inspired by the American painter Mark Ryden, her cabinet of curiosities collects items related to periods of her life.
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Isabelle G., Collector

Isabelle G. has more than 40 vintage suitcases. Since she first came to Montreal in 1997, she fell in love with those fashion objects.
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Yves, Collector

In 1964, the British group The Beatles invaded American radio and won the heart of a young Quebecer named Yves. He since became passionate about music and collected more than 13, 500 vinyls.
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