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Temporary exhibition

Thursday September 26, 2019 — Sunday March 7, 2021


Inspired by original stories from Quebec authors

Majestic, enchanting, seductive, disturbing by turns—or all at once—the night takes a variety of forms. To shed some light on this fascinating subject, the Stewart Museum invites you to discover the exhibition Nights, a unique experience, oscillating between fiction and reality.

With the help of a booklet and listening stations, visitors dive into four nocturnal worlds through the original stories of renowned Quebec authors. They explore the starry night with Eric Dupont, face the fear of the dark in the night of imagination with Dominique Demers, stride through the city night with Heather O’Neill and slip into the night of passion with Simon Boulerice. These stories are brought to life in theatrical sets by Pierre-Étienne Locas alongside a variety of remarkable artefacts from the collections of the Stewart and McCord museums.

  • Precession Globe, Anonymous, Netherlands, 18th century, 1987.10 © Stewart Museum
  • Telescope, France, 18th century. 1998.10 © Stewart Museum
  • Toy soldier, The Stadden Collection, Chas Stadden Studios Ltd., England, about 1970. 2012.7 © Stewart Museum
  • Doll, Sock Monkey, about 1960. Gift of Moira McCaffrey, M2004.133.1.1-2 © McCord Museum
  • Evening sandals, about 1936. M974.19.51.1-2 © McCord Museum
  • Dress, 1930-1950. M22327.1 © McCord Museum
  • Franz Bergman, said Nam-Greb, Cleopatra and the Aspic, Autria, 1900-1925. M981.105.23 © McCord Museum

Online Content

The authors’ stories are now available online!

Download the booklet stories of Nights (PDF)

You can also enjoy them in an audio version.

Of Moons and Molasses 
« Every now and then at night, Cook Murphy lets Salvinio out of the hiding place he’s fashioned for him under his bunk. He sits him down, feeds him, and changes the bandage on his right ear, telling him for the hundredth time how sorry he is… »
Theme: Starry Night
Author: Eric Dupont
Voice: Bruce Dinsmore

Darkest Dark 
« Every evening, when Darkest Dark is upon him, Louis-Philippe slowly counts to ten. One: the army of tin soldiers stands to attention. Two: the mangy old dog pricks up his ears… »
Theme: Night of Imagination
Author: Dominique Demers
Voice: Bruce Dinsmore

Stole her Heart 
« Violette sometimes thought about the girl she used to be when she stepped off the train in Montreal in 1936. She had been afraid of everything and everyone. She wore a threadbare coat she had inherited from her grandfather and boots that were too big… »
Theme: City Night
Author: Heather O’Neill
Voice: Rebecca Gibian

The Living Past 
« You just left. You won’t spend the night here. You rumpled the sheets, left the bed unmade. I can still see the imprint of your body. Tonight I’m going to sleep with a red-haired ghost… »
Theme: Night of Passion
Author: Simon Boulerice
Voice: Rebecca Gibian

Discover the exhibition with authors Dominique Demer, Eric Dupont, Heather O’Neill and Simon Boulerice and learn more about their inspiration for the creation of their respective story.

Not to be missed!

What people are saying about it

« It’s a thought to gladden the hearts of literary types everywhere: living writers and their work serving as drawing cards into a part of the cultural sphere where they’re seldom represented. » Ian McGillis, Gazette Montreal
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