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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) : groups

IMPROTANT NOTICE: Following the announcement of the reopening to the public of the Stewart Museum on June 25th, please note that in accordance with public health directives, guided tours and activities remain suspended until further notice.

Check out all the measures implemented at the Museum to ensure everyone’s safety

Booking and Admission Fees

1. How much does it cost to get into the Museum?
We offer one free admission for every 15 paid admissions.
An eating area is available to groups at a charge of $50.
To find out our tourist rates, please contact nadraath.radji@mccord-stewart.ca.

2. What’s the payment policy for groups?

Payment by billing

  • After your visit, you’ll receive a bill by mail or e-mail. You can pay by cheque made out to the Stewart Museum, or by credit card.

Payment at the Museum

  • The person in charge of the group can finalize payment at the ticket counter. The total amount will be payable by cash or cheque. If you opt for this method of payment, you must let us know when booking so we can make out your bill.

This option is only available when the Museum is open to the public. If the ticket counter is closed, the only way to pay for the group is by billing.

3. Are there any free tours for school groups?
Some tours may be free as part of special initiatives in partnership with our Education Programs. Inquiries should be sent to reservation@mccord-stewart.ca.

4. How can I pay?
Activities must be paid upon invoicing, by cheque, credit card or bank transfer.
It is possible to pay before the visit upon request

5. What’s your cancellation policy?
It is possible to cancel the reservation free of charge up to 5 business days before the date of the visit. No cancellation will be accepted after this deadline, and you will be invoiced the full rate.

6. Does the price include taxes?
Yes, all admission fees include taxes.

7. Is it possible to change the time or date of a booking?
Modifications to reservations are subject to availability, and must be requested by email only at least 10 business days before the desired date of the visit. 

Requests sent after this deadline will be treated on a case-by-case basis depending on availability. You will receive a confirmation email if your request for change has been accepted.

8. Can I change the number of people in a group booking?
Modifications to reservations are subject to availability, and must be requested by email only at least 10 business days before the desired date of the visit. 

Requests sent after this deadline will be treated on a case-by-case basis depending on availability. You will receive a confirmation email if your request for change has been accepted.

9. Are there busy times at the Museum?
Yes, the Museum is busiest on weekends.

10. Is it possible to rent space at the Museum?
Yes, private functions may be held at the Museum. To find out the cost of renting a room, please write to locationsrentals@mccord-stewart.ca requesting a quote.

11. Can groups visit without booking ahead?
Yes, but only groups of up to 15 people. Reservations are required for larger groups.

12. Are group tours available all week?
Yes, group tours may be conducted any day of the week, subject to the availability of guides/mediators.

Getting Here and Hours

13. How do we get to the Museum?
The Stewart Museum is on St. Helen’s Island.

By car

  • Take the Jacques-Cartier Bridge, then the Jean-Drapeau Park exit. The Museum is 650 m from the exit.

By public transit

  • The Museum is a 10-minute walk from the Jean-Drapeau metro station (yellow line).
  • Seasonal shuttle bus: the 769. The bus stop is La Ronde (a two-minute walk from the Museum).
  • Shuttle ferry from Jacques-Cartier pier in Montreal’s Old Port. Get off the ferry at St. Helen’s Island and follow the signs to the Stewart Museum.

14. What are the Museum’s hours?
You’ll find the Stewart Museum’s hours here.

15. What are the hours for group tours?
You can choose the time that suits you when booking. We will accommodate any booking request subject to the availability of guide/mediators.

16. When are the free Sundays?
Quebeckers with proof of residency are admitted free to the Stewart Museum the first Sunday of every month. No reservations required.

17. Is the Museum open on holidays?
No, the Stewart Museum is closed on holidays.

18. Does the Museum facilitate access for people with disabilities?
Yes, the Museum is accessible to people with disabilities. Two wheelchairs and five cane seats are available free of charge to visitors, without reservations. Please be careful in winter, when the access road may be slippery.

19. Is the Museum stroller accessible?
Yes, the Museum is accessible to people with strollers.

20. Are pets allowed into the Museum?
No, pets aren’t allowed at the Stewart. But assistance or guide dogs for people with visual impairments, hearing impairments or reduced mobility are allowed. We reserve the right to ask for proof that it is an assistance or service dog.

Information About Visits

21. What activities are there for groups?
The Museum offers all kinds of activities for groups of all ages. Visit this page for an overview.

22. What activities are there for groups of children?
We offer discussions and creative workshops to go with our tours. They’re great experiences that complement social science and citizenship education programs. There are different activities for preschool, elementary and high school groups.

23. How long should we allow for a visit?
A visit takes between one and two hours, depending on the theme chosen.

24. Does the Museum offer guided tours?
Yes, there are guided tours for groups. Reservations are required.

25. In what languages are guided tours offered?
Guided tours are offered in English or in French.

26. Can we take pictures in the Museum?
Yes, you can use a camera without flash or a videocam at the Stewart Museum.

27.What’s the minimum size for a tour group?
You need at least 15 people for a group tour.

28.What’s the maximum size for a group?
Maximum group size depends on the activity chosen, and can be anywhere from 45 to 120 people.

29. Is there a minimum age for the activity?
The minimum age depends on the activity chosen. The Museum offers activities for groups of all ages.

Visitor Services

30. Does the Museum have a coat check for groups?
Yes, the Museum has a free cloakroom with lockable lockers.

31. Is there a place to eat at the Museum?
There’s no restaurant at the Stewart Museum. But there’s a coffee corner with hot and cold drinks, as well as sweet and salty snacks.
There’s also a beautiful patio where you can sit outdoors in summer.

32. Is smoking allowed in the Museum?
No, there’s absolutely no smoking allowed anywhere in the Museum.

33. Is there free WiFi at the Museum?
No, there’s no public WiFi at the Stewart Museum.

34. Is the Museum air-conditioned?
Yes, all our rooms are air-conditioned.

35. How can I get Museum news by e-mail?
To get Museum news, sign up for our newsletter.


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