Museum Staff


President and Chief Executive Officer: Suzanne Sauvage
Assistant to the President and Chief Executive Officer: Johanne Malo
Senior Officer, Government and Institutional Relations: Martine Couillard


Director, Operations: Philip Leduc
Head, Operations:
Daniel Dupéré
Team Leader, Technical Services and Security: David Dupéré
Technician: Éric Brouillard
Technician: Denis Leduc
Technician: Thomas Dufour

Security agents
Simon Lacas
Simon Lajoie
Martin Ouellette
Hicham Raoufi


Curator, Material Cultures and Interim Curator, Indigenous Cultures: Guislaine Lemay
Head, Collections Management: Christian Vachon
Assistant Head, Collections Management:
Karine Rousseau
Manager, Digital Outreach, Collections: Stéphanie Poisson
Coordinator, Digital Information Management: Anne-Frédérique Beaulieu-Plamondon

Marketing, Communications and Visitor Experience

Director, Marketing, Communications and Visitor Experience: Pascale Grignon
Senior Officer, Communications and Visitor Experience: Anne-Marie Beaudet
Coordinator, Communications: Philippe Bergeron
Head, Client Development and Partnerships: Jessica Marie
Advisor, Customer Development and Marketing: Nadraath Radji
Manager, Boutique and Admissions: Michelle Vachon
Supervisor, Admissions: Mélissa Bouchard

Clerks Team, Admissions and Boutique
Marilou Arsenault
Amélie Brissette
Laurence Paré-Plante


Head, Exhibitions: Geneviève Lafrance
Project Manager, Exhibitions: Geneviève Larouche
Project Manager, Exhibitions: Caroline Truchon, Ph. D.

Head, Education, Community Engagement and Cultural Programs:
Mélanie Deveault
Project Manager, Education, Community Engagement and Cultural Programs: Maria-Luisa Romano
Project Manager, Education, Community Engagement and Cultural Programs: Ashley Courtland
Coordinator, Education Programs and Group Reservations: Sophie Viennot de Vaublanc

Cultural Mediation Team
Ariane Bousquet
David Brassard
Jonathan Chartier
Marie-Anne Durocher
Nicolas Handfield
Louis Lalancette
Félix Larose-Chevalier
Sébastien Lefebvre
Audrey-Pier L’Italien


Like David Macdonald Stewart, the Education and Cultural Programs Service has welcomed the collaboration of researchers whose expertise and specialization improve the interpretation of the Stewart Museum’s collection and the historic heritage of Île Ste. Hélène, as well as the pedagogical approach to be employed – all this for the benefit of the general public and school groups.

Pascal Bastien – History of Europe, 17th and 18th centuries
Maryse Bédard – History of Internment Camp S/43 on St. Helen’s Island (1940-1943)
Earl Chapman – History of the 78th Fraser Highlanders in North America in the 19th century
Philippe Charland – History of the Indigenous in Canada from the 17th to 19th century
Paul-Yvon Charlebois – History of St. Helen’s Island, 18th and 19th centuries
René Chartrand – Military history of Montreal, 19th century
Gilbert Desmarais –  History of the Compagnies franches de la Marine
Alexandre Lanoix – Lecturer, M.A. in history and Ph.D. student in Education at Université de Montréal
Gilles Laporte – 19th century politics in Québec